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Graden Ostler

Sales Agent

Graden grew up in Orem. He has traveled the country for many years and has now settled down with his family in Vineyard. Clients have really appreciated his expertise in real estate as he’s helped them through the buying and selling process. Graden is very knowledgeable about the Utah County real estate market. He is personally invested in the area and is an invaluable Realtor resource.

One of Graden’s main focuses has been investing in real estate. Graden personally owns and manages eight properties in Utah County with an estimated $1.5 million value that generates $40k a year in passive income. He is a certified Continuing Education Instructor at the Utah Central Association of Realtors, teaching his popular class ‘Buy and Hold’. Graden has personally executed a 1031 exchange home sale and purchase and has helped his clients do the same to maximize their investment dollars. He is a member of the Utah Valley Real Estate Investors Association and a member of Bigger Pockets. He has personally been investing for over ten years, has extensive property renovation experience, knows the Utah county rental market very well and is continually helping his clients buy and sell properties.


Graden Ostler
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